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During the centuries Krakow was inspiring travellers. This is the city with long history, traditions and secrets. Here was established first university in Poland, where studied famous scientists and humanists. Here was residence of Polish kings, palaces of landowners and bishops. Krakow is called ‘second Rome’, not every city can boast of having so many monuments. Here worked famous Italian and German architects who decorated the city in their manner. Krakow Old City was among first twelve sites written on UNESCO World Heritage List.


Visit Krakow, walk around its streets, and open the secrets of monuments and kings. I’m inviting You to see Krakow from different sides.


Krakow is the city where everything is possible.


The Royal Road

Krakow Tours

Krakow is the historical and spiritual capital of Poland. Here Polish Kings started and finished their rule, were pledged reverence and submission, declared rebels and announced victories. Over the centuries here came travellers, merchants and landowners. Through this city passed coronation and funeral processions of kings, queens and heroes.  This route is called Royal. It starts at Matejki Square, passes via Barbican, defensive walls and Porta Gloriae – Gate of Glory. On our way is Market Square – one of the biggest in Europe. Here  is situated St.Mary’s Basilica - the most beautiful in Krakow. Grodska street, thoroughfare of Krakow, is running to the Wawel Castle, residence of polish kings, place od feasts and secrets. Here we will see the Cathedral, where kings were crowned and buried. Do you want to see all these? Then I’m inviting you.


Duration of the tour: 3 h

Price: 300 PLN/  75 EUR + entrance tickets*



Life in medieval city

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In the first millennium AD Krakow was the most important settlement of Vistulian tribal state. They had chosen this place to establish the city that in centuries would be one of the most beautiful and richest in Europe. Via Krakow passed the most important trade routes between West and East, North and South. Here is situated the biggest marketplace in medieval Europe with plenty of monuments and churches. It is cultural heart of Krakow where all important events taking place. Underground is situated a unique museum where you can see archaeological finds of world importance. They will tell us about life in old times. People came here from almost all parts of the world and Krakow became a multinational city, combining different cultures and traditions.

You will visit the most important sights of Krakow + Krakow Underground Museum.


Duration of the tour: 4, 5 h

Price: 450 PLN/ 115 EUR + entrance tickets*



Secrets of Krakow

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Krakow by night looks mysterious and breath-taking. We will try to open its secrets. Where you can meet a ghost, which plots were weaved, which secrets are not discovered till nowadays. Night is when everything interesting happens.


Duration of the tour: 3 h

Price: 300 PLN/ 75 EUR




Legends of Krakow

Krakow Tours


Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. During the centuries people are telling about unordinary and mysterious things. What do you know about dragons? And wizards? Knights? We can see all of them here, in Krakow. Not only in the Medieval Times people believed in it, but also now. Probably in each legend there is a grain of truth?


Duration of the tour: 3 h

Price: 300 PLN/ 75 EUR





*Additional tickets:


St. Mary’s church – 10/5 PLN


Cathedral – 12/7 PLN


Underground Museum – 19/16 PLN

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